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Peter Kraus Fitness houses a very unique class room providing classes for people of all ages and abilities on a daily basis. We have a one-of-a-kind class schedule that includes rotating "Premier Classes". These classes are taught by specialty instructors from other local gyms as well as celebrity instructors from all around the country. 

Unique Scheduling.

Our mainstay classes start every half hour, but run an hour long. You will start every class in section A where you will stay for 30 minutes. After those 30 minutes you will move to section B for another 30 minutes at the same time that a new group comes in to section A. This format allows us to cater to your busy schedule.


Start times every 30 minutes (60 minute class):

Monday // PKFit 5:30am–8am and 5pm–7:30pm

Tuesday // (K)ardio 5:30am–8am and 5pm–7:30pm

Wednesday // PKFit 5:30am–8am and 5pm–7:30pm

Thursday // (K)ardio 5:30am–8am and 5pm–7:30pm

Friday // PKFit 5:30am–8am

Saturday // Classes coming soon

Sunday // No Class

Nonmember Drop-in $22

Feel free to drop-in to a class whenever you’d like. You don’t need to be a member.

Member Drop-in $16 (in-store purchase only)

Looking to spice up your normal routine? Members can purchase classes a la carte at a discounted rate.

8-Class Pack $144

Have a gym membership at a different gym? This is a perfect way to add a little variety to your workout and environment.


PKFit by Peter Kraus, is the class that has everything! Peter has developed a fun yet challenging class that revolves around circuit training in small groups and as individuals. Kettlebells, TRX, sleds and more—if we have a piece of equipment, this class will eventually use it! Peter loves to make his workouts interesting and exciting with a little bit of competition and team bonding thrown in the mix. Expect a great full body, 60-minute workout every time you step into PKFit.


This is an all new full body class! Utilizing almost entirely bodyweight exercises, (K)ardio will help to build functional strength, anaerobic and aerobic endurance, stability, and power. This class is designed to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle with the sole benefit of improving ones daily function regardless of age or ability.